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Build, Operate, and
Optimize Cloud Workloads

Effortlessly deploy resources that comply with your organization's security, compliance, and governance policies

Hook up your cloud

Turn your existing cloud resources into
Infrastructure as Code

Terraform IAC

Use existing
Infrastructure as Code

Terraform generation module building blocks

Create your IAC Library, allowing your team to compliantly and consistently deploy any workload to any cloud, with any configuration

Continuous cloud monitoring

AutoCloud continually ingests, standardizes, and enhances your cloud data with actionable insights

Cloud Infrastructure Diagrams

Infrastructure Diagrams

Cloud Asset Inventory

Cloud Asset Inventories

Cloud Compliance Dashboard and Reports

Security & Compliance

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One API for all your data

Detect changes & compare environments between points in time

Cloud change tracking

AutoCloud Features

Infrastructure as Code Generator Library

  • Bring existing IAC, reverse terraform existing workloads, or use click ops to “diagram” new systems

  • Code is human readable, and you always have access to the generated TF modules

  • Works with TFE/TFC and your current CI/CD pipelines

Auto-generated cloud infrastructure diagram with VPC, subnets, and EC2 instances

Cloud Security: Blast Radius

  • When a resource is compromised, get a list of all other affected resources

  • View security issues on your infrastructure diagrams and get a report of affected ARNs

  • Currently works for any AWS resource

Auto-generated cloud infrastructure diagram with VPC, subnets, and EC2 instances

Cloud Security Posture Management

  • Check your environments against major compliance benchmarks such as CIS, NIST, PCI, ISO, HIPAA, and more

  • Track how your cloud security posture has changed over time

  • Get alerted when changes to your infrastructure trigger compliance issues

Auto-generated cloud infrastructure diagram showing security and compliance violations

Cloud Asset Change Tracking & Notifications

  • AutoCloud automatically creates snapshots of your infrastructure at regular intervals so you can understand how your environments have changed

  • Get notified when your infrastructure changes

  • Understand how infrastructure changes impact your compliance and security posture management (CSPM)

Сomparison to snapshot taken: 7/12/2021, 4:34:30 PM
Assets Created
1 azurerm_key_vault
2 azurerm_key_vault
Assets Deleted
1 azurerm_account
1 azurerm_subnet
Assets Changed
Attribute changed:
Old Value
New Value
Old Value
New Value

Cloud Asset Inventory

  • A comprehensive list of every resource and configuration in your cloud accounts

  • Search, query, and filter resources across environments

  • All of your multi-cloud and multi-account data accessible in a single screen

Auto-generated cloud infrastructure diagram with VPC, subnets, and EC2 instances

Cloud Infrastructure Diagrams

  • Understand your environments at a glance: Diagrams are integrated with full resource metadata

  • Detailed and human-readable: View connections between resources, security group membership, clusters, and other relationships

  • Interactive: Search by ARN/IDs, filter by tags and resource types, overlay compliance data, and more!

Auto-generated cloud infrastructure diagram with VPC, subnets, and EC2 instances

Single GraphQL API for all your cloud environments

  • Stop the headache of using separate provider APIs that structure data in their own "unique" way

  • Your multi-cloud metadata is standardized, typed, and even enriched with compliance and cost insights!

  • AutoCloud understands relationships between services, so what used to take 6 separate queries now takes only 1
query {
queryawsEbs ( filter: { isEncrypted: false }) {
Cloud resource relationships

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Interested in querying your cloud resources in a type-safe, consistent way?

Try CloudGraph, our open source asset inventory and CSPM tool


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