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Maintain visibility into multi-cloud security, compliance, cost, and drift with automated infrastructure diagrams, change tracking, and a GraphQL API

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Ingest. Visualize. Query. Track.

After an easy, agentless onboarding, AutoCloud continually gathers and standardizes your multi-cloud, multi-environment data, then provides a variety of methods to interact with it

AutoCloud ingests data from cloud providers
Access your cloud data with an API, GraphQL queries, and a 3D environment
"Which resources in my AWS production environment have CIS violations?"
"What changes occurred prior to today's outage?"
"What resources do not have this tag?"

AutoCloud Features

3D Cloud Infrastructure Diagrams

  • Understand your environments at a glance with interactive automated diagrams and documentation alongside full resource metadata

  • View connections between resources, security group members, and other relationships

  • Filter by tags/labels and resource type

Auto-generated cloud infrastructure diagram with VPC, subnets, and EC2 instances

Visualize Security and Compliance

  • Report insights displayed on top of your infrastructure diagram

  • Pre-made rulesets that cover compliance, security, and architecture best practices

  • Create custom rules for your organization

Auto-generated cloud infrastructure diagram showing security and compliance violations

GraphQL API for Cloud Data

  • Query multi-cloud and multi-environment data with GraphQL

  • Integrate AutoCloud’s managed GraphQL API with your internal tooling for purely custom solutions
query {
queryawsEbs ( filter: { isEncrypted: false }) {
Cloud resource relationships

Cloud Change Tracking

  • Automatically create snapshots of your infrastructure at regular intervals

  • Understand how your environments have evolved over time

  • Get notified when your infrastructure changes

Сomparison to snapshot taken: 7/12/2021, 4:34:30 PM
Assets Created
1 azurerm_key_vault
2 azurerm_key_vault
Assets Deleted
1 azurerm_account
1 azurerm_subnet
Assets Changed
Attribute changed:
Old Value
New Value
Old Value
New Value

Pricing plans

Cloud Visibility for All


Individuals and Small Projects

Free Forever

Sign Up
  • Single User

  • Up to 2500 Assets

  • Schedule automated ingestions

  • GraphQL API Access (in beta)

  • Automated 3D architecture diagrams

    Visualize cloud resources in an interactive, 3D environment

  • Cloud security and compliance visualization

    Security and compliance scanning

  • Cloud change tracking

    Track changes to your environment over time


Power Users and Team Collaboration

Starting at $1500/month

Get a Demo
  • Everything in Developer plus...

  • Unlimited Users

  • Unlimited Assets

  • Unlimited Environments

  • Terraform Generation (in alpha)

  • Single Sign-On (SSO)

  • Self-Hosted & BYO Data Storage

  • Enterprise Support Packages

Interested in querying your cloud resources with GraphQL?

Try CloudGraph, our open source CLI tool


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