Automated Cloud Diagrams & Documentation

Bring clarity to your cloud infrastructure with the most comprehensive visualization tool available for AWS, Azure & Google Cloud

Auto-generated 3D cloud account diagram with technical documentation

Steps to Quickly and Securely Visualize your AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud Account

1. Connect

Create read-only access to your AWS, Azure, or GCP Accounts.Click here to learn how we keep your information secure.

2. Crawl

Crawl the regions and services you want displayed.

3. View + Explore

View your cloud infrastructure in a way you've never experienced. Explore 3D diagrams with integrated technical documentation.

4. Compare Versions

Keep tabs on infrastructure changes by re-crawling to create new versions. The living history of your project is only ever a click away.
3D cloud diagram with technical documentation

Truly Integrated Diagrams + Documentation

Service Discoveries generate 3D diagrams that are fully integrated with technical documentation about your account's services, including Identity and Access Management (IAM).Click on an a service in the side panel and it will highlight on the diagram.

Quickly pinpoint security vulnerabilities

AutoCloud security scans flag problems such as misconfigued services and over-permissioned IAM roles.We provide a detailed description of the problem as well as remediation steps.
Cloud security scan results
Security issue recommendations and remediation steps
Connections between cloud services

What sets us apart?

Get all the information you need, at a glance, in one place. Easily pull up historical snapshots. No cross-referencing multiple disconnected documents, or struggling to find the latest version.We make sense of complexity for you by visualizing what matters with a proprietary layout that shows where services live and how they're connected. No cluttered, confusing Visio diagrams.

Broad and deep service coverage

We provide coverage of services in AWS, Azure & Google Cloud with a level of detail that is simply unrivaled by competitors.See how many tables that BigQuery dataset has, sort by creation time or size, and see which ones have been sitting empty for 6 months.
Detailed technical documentation for Google Bigquery

On average, businesses waste 35% of their cloud budgets

AutoCloud Service Discoveries give you the insight you need to spot budget drain from abandoned infrastructure and improperly sized or under-utilized resources.
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